ASWC Events

Dear Members and Friends,

Strength of Will – a eurythmy block with Cobie Roelvert on Mondays beginning 24 January to 7 March, 6 to 7 pm at Sophia House. Anyone age 18+ can join these classes. The participants not only receive much from working in community, but dedicate our work to the global community in which we live. If you decide to join this block please confirm before Sunday 23 January - the details are on the flyer attached here.

Metamorphosis of the Soul, onlinewith Briar and Michael Grimley - The Missions of Anger, Truth and Reverence in our time. Four Monday mornings beginning 24 January. Click here for details

Circle Dancing Fundraiser – young and old are warmly welcome on Sunday 30th January, 3.30 – 5.30 pm at the Christian Community Church, Timour Hall Rd, Plumstead for a joyful event to open the year. Click here for details.

A series of 7 zoom talks on The Representative of Humanity – organised by Rudolf Steiner House, London. They will take place on various Friday evenings at 9pm (SA time) this term. Click here for full details. (Scroll down to the bottom to find link and/or ID and password)

First talk this Friday January 21st Introducing Rudolf Steiner's Sculptural Group by Howard Smith. In his last years, Rudolf Steiner worked intensively on the wooden statue usually known as "The Representative of Mankind". This work of art encapsulates the essence of earth evolution and the mission of Christ, keeping the balance between the adversarial forces. This illustrated talk will look at some of the main details in the work, and it's message to us today. Howard Smith is a life-long student of Anthroposophy. He has a PhD in Chemistry and worked as a researcher into the properties of water and as a science teacher.

Garments for Survival – society in the change room - an online course/meetup is being set up by Horst Kornberger and his wife, to explore the relevance of social three-folding for our times. They are concerned about the rise of pseudo-democracy, surveillance capitalism, mediarchy, and transhumanism. Their approach is artistic and they will attempt to think with Rudolf Steiner's ideas rather than about them. Open the flyer here for details.

Our Journey After Death – with Cynthia Hoven via UTube and Eurythmyonline. Click here

Metamorphosis of the Soul