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ASWC Newsletter May Issue - 2018

Anthroposophy Today: "CONSCIOUSNESS AND TRUTH – Part II"
The South African origins of the First World War
A presentation by Michael Grimley "

A hundred years ago at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, the First World War ended. Four years ago at Sophia House, Michael presented his story of how the First World War started. This year, to mark the 100th anniversary of its end, he will give a second presentation concerning, not how, but why it started. Prompted by the question, 'Why?', Michael's search for an answer has led him to the history of South Africa at the turn of the 20th Century. It is here in our own part of the world that some recent historians have traced the origins of the war, the significant reasons why it happened in the first place, and the consequences these have had ever since.

Date:Sunday 30th September 4pm until 5.30pm.
Bring and share tea afterwards
Venue:Group Room, Sophia House,
18 Firfield Road, Plumstead.
Cost: R40 and concessions for pensioners and students .

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